• Brian Stein

Creating Game On Mt Pleasant - Part 3

Its been a busy few days over at the new store in Mt Pleasant. We've had our largest shipment of display cases and store fixtures get dropped off on Monday. Over 2000 pounds of fixtures that Fed Ex dropped off in our parking lot that we had to haul inside, unbox, and assemble. This is easily a two to three day process but once its finished the store will really start to look and feel like a game store.

For display cases, we ordered three 48 inch display cases and three 70 inch display cases. We're planning on using three of them for Magic the Gathering cards, one for retro video games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64 cartridges, one for handheld video games and one for gaming consoles. We also ordered one register stand, one 48 inch counter, and 5 slatwall and gridwall displays that we will place in the middle of the store. All of the middle store displays are going to be on wheels so that can be quickly and easily moved out of the way if we have a large Magic the Gathering prerelease or competitive event and need more space for tables and chairs. These middle of the store displays will be used for disc golf, retro game accessories, handheld video games, and lower priced CCG accessories.

We've also got the basic layout for the gaming area figured out. We'll normally have tables and chairs set up for 32 players with tons of room between those players so its a very comfortable area for players to walk around. If need be, we'll be able to easily expand our gaming area into seating for up to 50 players with the additional tables and chairs we'll have stacked and ready to go for larger events. We've mounted the TV for the timer in an area that is easily visible no matter where you're sitting.

In the next few days we'll finish up the last few pieces of building the store up before taking the weekend off for Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon prerelease events! Then we'll be in the stretch run as we start to bring in merchandise the last week of July. We'll have our next update in a few days!


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