• Brian Stein

Creating Game On Mt. Pleasant - Part 4

So it's been nearly five years since we opened Game On in Midland and it seems like I've forgotten just how much work it takes to start a game store. When I first opened in Saginaw store/ in 2008 I signed the lease on October 22nd and opened just 10 days later on November 2nd. That seems like an impossible feat to me now, but back then it was my first store and perhaps my young ambitious excitement made it easier to work those 13 to 14 hour days for tens straight to get the store open. Between Eldritch Moon Prerelease weekend, getting singles ready for realease weekend, and now we've got two $1Ks this weekend at the Midland store its hard to devout as much time to the Mt. Pleasant store as I probably should be but its more important to make sure we aren't lacking at our current stores than it is to get Mt. Pleasant by a specifc date.

We've been moving along at a solid and steady pace with things here in Mt. Pleasant but we're still going to be a few days behind our original goal of August 1st for opening. Right now its looking like somewhere between Wednesday August 3rd and Sunday August 7th will be realistic for us. The majority of the work is done as far as fixtures, display cases, slatwall, shelving, etc but there is still the long process of moving in and organizing all of the inventory which will take a few days. The gaming area is now finally completely set up after finishing installing the new floorboard/baseboard around that area and getting all of the tables and chairs set up, as well as the television mounted with the HDMI cable running to our Wizards Event Reporter computer and getting our new printer set up.

Originally I was just going to set up the seating for 24 players to start but decided to instead bump that number up to 32 players all the time with the space to easily set up for another 18 players for a maximum seating capacity of 50 players. All of the fixtures in the middle of the store are also on wheels so we could easily move them aside if we decided to run an event with more than 50 players. The game room area is just missing a few War Gaming tables in the back, some posters on the walls, and its Magic the Gathering land station we'll set up near the WER computer. All of the display cases are currently set up and in place. This was probably one of the toughest things so far, getting just the right layout and making sure we have enough behind the counter space to comfortably have two or three employees back there at the same time. It took me trying out a few configurations to get the right mix. We've also added in some of the white shelving that was in the Saginaw store's back hallway leading the the game room there that we will end up using in Mt. Pleasant for our DVDs, Box Sets, and Blu-rays. I'll have another update for you guys early next week, hopefully with a bunch of merchandise being moved into place and the store finally starting to look finished.


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