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A Closer Look at the TCC Commander League Points Cards

Game On's Commander League is more than just your average game of Commander. Entry is just $5 and with that you receive:

  • Entry for each weekly Commander Event for that month

  • A Booster Pack for your first entry for the month

  • A chance at winning some great Store Credit (which is paid out at the end of the month during the last event.) Prizes are awarded to the top players as well as randomly selected winners!

On top Commander being an awesomely fun format and Game On Saginaw's most popular, weekly event, the league is run on a points based system created by the very well-known and respected Tolarian Community College. Watch their video on the points cards here: https://youtu.be/YN-JDL6eMlA. You can also find and download their .pdf of all of the cards here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_gYz_k66upbRTBVal9QLUNvc2c

Game On Saginaw's Commander League points follow the format as follows:

  • White Points - Always remain in play

  • Blue Points - Select cards always remain in play and are rotated on a monthly basis

  • Black Points - Points cards are randomly drafted to each pod

  • Red Points - Select cards always remain in play (refer to their monthly posts)

  • Green Points - Points cards are randomly drafted to each pod

We hope to start a similar Commander League at Game On Midland in the near future, so stay tuned! Join our Game On - MtG Group on Facebook to be the first to know about all MtG Updates and Events!

Check out this gallery for a closer look at each of the cards (click each image): White Points:

Blue Points:

Black Points:

Red Points:

Green Points:

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