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Game On Saginaw Swap Meet

Do you have a bunch of old board games, comics, action figures, and over all nerdy stuff that you're looking to sell? No problem! Game On Saginaw is hosting it's first ever Swap Meet! What's a Swap Meet? A Swap Meet is like a big yard sale with multiple sellers all in one location. Interested guests can rent a table for the Swap Meet for $4-$8 for the day. The public is more than welcomed to attend and admission is FREE! There are only so many spot available so stop in to Game On Saginaw today to reserve your place! The Game On Saginaw Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, June 24th from 12-8pm in the Game Zone at Game On Saginaw.

Swap Meet Table Spaces:

  • 8 x 2.5 ft table (2x) = $8

  • 5 x 2.25 ft table (7x) = $5

  • 2.75 x 2.75 ft table (3x) = $4

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