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Sealed League - Hour of Devastation

After the success of the Amonkhet Sealed League last season, Wizards has decided to sponsor another league just in time for the release of Hour of Devastation. If you missed the last league, you can't beat the value! For as little as $10 you start out with 3 boost packs, fight it out with other league members, weekly increase your score, and potentially win some rad prize support* at the end of the month! Week 1: Sun July 23rd - 29th

Week 2: Sun July 30th - Aug 5th

Week 3: Sun Aug 6th - Aug 12th

Week 4: Sun Aug 13th - 19th

Saginaw $10 League Starts with 3 packs and 30 card deck

Midland $20 League Starts with 6 packs and 40 card deck

Mt. Pleasant $10 League Starts with 3 packs and 30 card deck

You can come in any time now and buy and build your deck now! Matches begin Sunday, July 23rd!

*Prize support will be awarded based on attendance.

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