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Game On Midland August Commander League

Game On Midland Commander League Midland starts next Thursday, August 3rd at 6PM. Enrty into the league is $5 for the entire month. This will be a very basic points based system with 5 ways to acquire negative points and just 3 ways to acquire positive points. White Card Positive Points: 1. Participation +1 2. Victory +1 (Eliminate a Player) 3. Pod Champion +1 (Win Your Pod)

Red Card Negative Points: 1. That's Not Very Fun -4 (Eliminate a players before his or her 5th turn.) 2. Armageddon -1 (Resolve an effect that attempts to eliminate all lands that at least one opponent controls.) 3. Apocalypse -2 (Resolve and effect that attempts to eliminate all permanents that at least one opponent controls.) 4. No Time for Anyone Else -X (Take more than 2 turns in a row. Lose 1 point for each turn after the second.) 5. Infinite Combo -X (Perform a series of spells, abilities, and/or triggers more than four times in one turn. Lose one point for each iteration after the fourth.)

Each week we'll pair players with similar point totals together in pods. At the end of the first month we will have surveys and take feedback on what we can change to make the league better

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