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Commander 2017 Release Event | Game On Saginaw

Commander 2017 hits Game On shelves on Friday, August 25th and here at Game On Saginaw we're going to celebrate with a little competition!

  • Game On Saginaw will be hosting The Battle of Commander 2017 on Saturday, August 26th at 1PM.

  • Players may enter the tournament with their previously purchased and UNALTERED Commander 2017 Deck for just $5 Entry. (Please let Game On Staff know which deck you will be competing with for your seating assignment.)

  • OR Players may enter the tournament with a randomly assigned Commander 2017 deck for $35 Entry.

  • Players will be divided into FOUR PLAYER PODS consisting of one of each Commander 2017 Decks (Wizards, Vampires, Dragons, and Cats.)

  • The WINNER of each pod will recieve $15 in store credit for their prize!

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