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Rad New Board Games In Stock!

Some of our staff had the recent pleasure of attending the Alliance Open House (a board gaming retailer's expo) and you wouldn't believe all of the awesome new and upcoming board games they found!

These board games are now available for you tabletop adventures! Some of our favorites, like Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game, is now back in stock after its ridiculous launch a few months back along with its new GOBLINS! Expansion. Some of our favorites from the Alliance Open House were Onitama and Modern Art.

  • Onitama is like a game of chess but your move set is based on a quickly rotating set of five movement-cards that you constantly swap with your opponent.

  • Modern Art (2017) is a trash-talking, high stakes, auction game where you compete against each other in attempts to score the most valuable works of art!

Stop on out for our Game On Saginaw's Table Top Tuesdays to try these great games out or browse through our library of demo board games.

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