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Guilds of Ravnica Sealed League

Guilds of Ravnica Sealed League is already underway so join now! Get a Foil Necrotic Wound Promo with your entry! It's never too late to enter, so stop on out and start your deck today!


$10 – 3 Pack League How do you play Sealed League? During your first week you'll receive either 3 packs (all from Guilds of Ravnica) and you'll meet up with players at any time throughout each week of matches and compete for most wins! At the end of the week (or after 3+ losses) you may purchase one additional pack to add to your deck pool (Up to 2 MAXIMUM ADDITIONAL PACKS EACH WEEK.) Turn in your score sheets at the end of the league to see if you qualify for prizes! Guilds of Ravnica League Schedule:

  • Week 1 Matches: Sun Oct 7th – Sat Oct 13th

  • Week 2 Matches: Sun Oct 14th – Sat Oct 20th

  • Week 3 Matches: Sun Oct 21st – Sat Oct 27th

  • Week 4 Matches: Sun Oct 28th – Sat Nov 3rd

League Day Schedule Varies by Location. Games may be held any day of each week.

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