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Core Set 2020 Open House and Prerelease Weekend!


Let's start with the M20 Open House!

All three of our stores will be hosting Core Set 2020 Open Houses THIS WEEKEND (June 29th-30th.) All new players will receive an M20 Welcome Deck ALL OF THE CHANGES HAPPEN FOR PRERELEASE WEEKEND!

There are some MAJOR scheduling changes for this Prerelease that will be new for all three locations. For starters, Prerelease Weekend will begin as early at 3PM on Friday, July 5th at ALL THREE STORES. Also, there are SEVERAL more events blocks for each store that will be added to the schedule. Here our new schedule: Game On Saginaw & Game On Mt. Pleasant

Fri, July 5th – SEALED – 3 PM, 7 PM, &11 PM

Sat, July 6th – SEALED – NOON & 4 PM

Sun, July 7th – 2HG – 1 PM

Game On Midland

Fri, July 5th – SEALED – 3 PM

Sat, July 6th – SEALED

NOON, 4 PM, & 8 PM

Prize Support (Win/Loss/Draw) 3/0/0 = 8 M20 Booster Packs

2/0/1 = 6 M20 Booster Packs

2/1/0 = 4 M20 Booster Packs

The other big change with this Prerelease is that all events will be 3 Rounds ONLY. We will no longer hold 4 Round Prerelease Events.

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