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Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Weekend

"Escape Your Fate - In Theros, the pantheon of gods vies for undying devotion among their mortal subjects. But in the Underworld, there is only one master: the Lord of the Dead. Break free from death's shackles as a hero reborn. Choose your god and fight in their name...or forge a destiny all your own." It's time again to face the demons of Theros!

Stop out to any Game On location for #ThereosBeyondDeath #PrereleaseWeekend!

Entry is just $25! Each Prerelease Kit will come with 6 Booster Packs, 1 Promo, and a Spindown. Preregister in-store or online at https://squareup.com/store/gameonmichigan/item/game-on-prerelease-weekend Event Schedule:

#GameOnSaginaw & #GameOnMtPleasant Fri, Jan 17th – SEALED - 3 PM, 7 PM, & 11 PM

Sat, Jan 18th – SEALED - NOON & 4 PM

Sun, Jan 19th – TWO-HEADED GIANT – 1 PM

#GameOnMidland Fri, Jan 17th – SEALED – 3 PM

Sat, Jan 18th – SEALED - NOON, 4 PM, & 8 PM


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